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Journey for Change 1: Blog 6

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Free Choice – You can blog about anything that you want to as long as it is pertinent and relevant.


Donovan Rogers, Age 15

 Dear Journey For Change Followers:

Today I’m blogging about the importance of sex education, a very important topic. One of my closest friends came up to me recently and told me she was pregnant. I was so shocked! I asked her if she talked to her Mom about her pregnancy, and she responded by saying “no, she never even talked to her Mom about sex before.” Then I thought I would be embarrassed to talk to my Mom about sex too, but it is crucial that kids have someone to talk to them about sex. At that point I thought about school. Sex education is taught all around the world, and if you asked me, it should be mandatory to take the class. I’ll bet many of you are looking at the computer with a weird face, but wouldn’t you rather your kids be taught right from wrong when it comes to sex if they don’t feel comfortable talking to you about it? Unfortunately my friend’s parents will have to deal with this subject at the worst possible time, since their daughter is already pregnant. Parents, please talk to your kids about sex. If you are not comfortable talking to them, please make sure they talk to someone at school or maybe their doctor. This is very important because there are too many teenagers having babies when they are not ready for them. Some of them even drop out of school. That is a big no-no! Let them be taught before they experiment on their own!


Donovan Rogers


Dasia Carr, Age 14

Today’s biggest problem is the economy and the governor is making budget cuts to lessen our debts. Instead of teachers losing their jobs I think they should keep them on the job so they can do their best to better today’s kids. One of the reasons of why children join gangs and get into trouble is because they have nothing to do after school. So I feel that teachers should keep their jobs and help provide extra curricular activities that’ll help keep kids of the streets.

Latoya Massie, Age 16

Topic 6: Free Choice – You can blog about anything that you want to as long as it is pertinent and relevant.

I am going to write about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. This is a terrible crisis which affects the environment and this earth. I feel that we are far from a solution and to solve this problem u must help. The oil spill which first occured on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico began with, the Deepwater horizon, which offshore oil drilling rig which exploded in to flames beginning a fir at 10p.m. local time. 126 people were on board, 17 injured, 11 missing and most of the survivors escaped on lifeboats. The flames were 30 miles long able to be seen from space. The flames went on for more then a day and The deep water horizon sank on the 22nd of April. Then the oil began leaking into the ocean on April 24th about an estimate of 1,000 barrels a day were being dumped into the Gulf’s ecosystem. This leak may take up to months to be fixed, even with the use of underwater robots. The oil spill begin to increase on April 29th but, the oil spill actually leaked 5,000 barrels rather than 1,000 even some estimated it to be 10,000 barrels a day according to satellite images and has reached the Mississippi Delta. The slick was estimated, as of Friday, April 30, to cover 6,000 square miles, or an area approximately equivalent to that of Jamaica. It was so close to New Orleans that many local residents reported that they could smell the oil: The Times-Picayune reports that the city has been overwhelmed by a “pungent smell.” SkyTruth, a small non-profit, analyzed radar and satellite imagery and estimated that the oil was leaking much faster than the original official estimates. The initial figure was 1,000 barrels/day, which they successfully challenged with a new estimate of 5,000 barrels/day. But even that proved too optimistic, and on Saturday they revised their estimate to 25,000 barrels/day! Something needs to be done a bout this situation which is hurting marine life and this earth the may not me green anymore.


Zuliana Burnett, Age 15

Today in school was fun! My friends and I were making jokes and we were having a good time. In science my teacher made class that period fun. We played jeopardy, and it was team A against team B… and Team A won (which was the team that I was on) and the team that won got a prize. It was a great day for me.

Joshua Hall, Age 17


this blog will be about the techniques and means of teaching youth today. I believe that with the growing amount of advanced technology, ( laptops, iPods, cell phones, ps3, Xbox, etc) educational facilities need to ” step their game up .” in knowing that the youth enjoy using electronic devices more than using hard, heavy textbooks, I think that those devices should be used as mechanisms of education. if more electronic utensils with educational software were used in schools, I am almost certain that the students would be more inclined to learn and will enjoy it more.

hope you like it,


Sydney Smart, Age 14

Before we end journey for change alumni club program, I wish we could choose something we all enjoyed previously to kick off these 2 amazing years. I’ve always loved to get away from everyday life and serve with my friends.  Its soooo exciting and fun to serve the world and our country and also it gives my friends and I, a beneficial attitude to bring home from a great experience with J4C. I bet when I was applying for this program I would have never anticipated for myself to change so dramatically, be more outgoing, spend my time and money wisely and enjoy all that I have. I think it’s a blessing from God that Malaak saw a vision and strived to make other peoples life better, not only for us but for her own children and adults worldwide too. School is getting easier when I realize how much I can bring to the table, and scholarships endorse me all over the world. The world seems so small now, now that I have so many things to accomplish.


Imaan Williams, Age 13

 This is a topic that is very important to me. During the week, I was hospitalized due to a very strong panic attack. After realizing the condition I was in, laying in a hospital bed and being very scared of what could happen I realized that I have to appreciate life even more than I usually do. I never know when my life will come to an end and I’m very much grateful that God has spared my life.

Jenee Lawson, Age 16

The topic I will like to pick for this blog is racism. This is very important I’m today’s society because it affects African Americans and also Hispanics. African Americans are treated badly; we usually get low paying jobs and always have to work two times harder. We are degraded by our skin color which is wrong. Also us African Americans need to stop living up to their expectations and strive for success. I pray that one day racism will be abolished.

Also, education is very important. I feel that this generation does not take education seriously. Everyone just wants to be popular and known in school, so they follow the crowd. I used to think about following the crowd but then I realized that I shouldn’t care about what people think of me, as long as I love myself. Popularity doesn’t guarantee you getting accepted to college or graduating, it’s knowledge that get’s you far in life. More adult should stand up and speak about this topic, because we really need to better our lives. education is key to success.


Jordan Ratley, Age 14

America is the most powerful nation in the world. Around this wonderful nation are some Americans who have nowhere to go nothing to do and nothing is being done about it. These people are considered poor. Ever since the recession had begun more and more people started losing their homes and some sold prized processions in order to keep their homes. The prices on almost everything in America have gone up. In order to stop this, I think the government should tell us how we can try to change our spending habits. We should reuse anything that is reusable or recyclable. I think that’s all that needs to be done.


Vandesha Fullmore-Walker, Age 15

My dream is to be a writer. I would like write movies and books that everyone would love. It has always been my passion since I was born to be a writer. My favorite movie writer is Tyler Perry. Ever since I saw his first movie I loved his work. I hope that one day I would get a chance to meet him and star in one of his movie or just even help him write a movie script. 


Shaquille Cadougan, Age 16

ummm let me think parents need to let there young adults live their lives let them have fun go out more be with there friends. instead of having them be in the house all the time. parents need to realize that life isn’t always about work. life is to short not to have fun. No one knows when they are to die except God. We need to live our lives I mean we should be able to do work and still have some fun. there needs to be a balance. we need to have a little bit of both. because by forcing your child to always working he has less fun ethic. by having more fun the more fit he stays which is good for there heart. but if they stay in the house they become lazy dull and boring. life isn’t meant to be lived doing nothing but work. I mean yes you need to work to get a better life but you also need to have fun. if u make your child stay in the house all the time then he will be shy quiet and easy to be walked over. if he or she is always in the house then they start talking to themselves. we need to be with our friends someone to talk to someone to have fun with someone who will make them laugh. if he always works and never has any fun then he everything he or she is about is only business. they don’t do anything for free, which means they also have no humor which means they don’t know how to take a joke. you cant live a life with out fun or humor.

Albert Brunn, Age 14

I believe that too many children are walking around with their pants below their butt.  I think this is because of Marky Mark.  He was a famous rapper and he wore his pants below his butt.  He is now known as the actor Mark Wahlberg.  What everyone doesn’t notice is that they actually are working harder to make sure their pants don’t fall.  On top of that you can’t run because your pants are in your way.  The shape that your back is shifting into when your pants are below your butt isn’t normal.  There is a great chance that when all these kids are older they are going to have back problems.  Pass this information on to everyone you know.  Let’s see if we can slow down the pants below the butt trend.

Queen Clyde, Age 14

I want to let you know how I feel about the government taking away our school metro cards. I just want to say this is more than a big mistake its HUGE! There are going to be so many drop outs from school it will be crazy. kids already get lazy going to school, do you think they’re going to want to go if they have to pay with there own money. That’s another reason there. parents sometimes have 2 to 3 kids with school metro cards. That’s $90 per person a month just on train/bus fair. That’s insanely to much money.  Parents already struggle how do you think this is going to help. That’s right, it’s not. This is just going to cause chaos in the NYC. just think about what I said really hard.

Benjamin Goode, Age 13

I think that all these rappers and stars on TV that kids look up to should stop wearing their pant below their waste. From these kids watching these stars and rappers they think that style is cool. Which all they are doing is getting in trouble? They’re getting in trouble with the cops, the law and the society. So kids stop wearing your pant below your waste that style is not cool.

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