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Since May 27, 2010 the United States is dealing with a major environmental disaster that affects the Golf states, the whole country and the world. How would you deal with such an environment disaster if you were the CEO of BP (British Petroleum)?

 Albert Brunn, Age 14     I would hire the very best scientist to try to figure out a way to separate oil from water.  If there is no solution to separate the two, I will have to find a way to get all the oil-contaminated water into one place.  Once I get all the liquid in one place I can soak it up with boats that can hold tons of it safely.  After that is done, we can take a sample of the oil to a lab to see if it can still burn.  If the oil still burns then it can be used regularly.  I will boil the oil and let the water evaporate.  When the water evaporates only the oil will remain.  If I was the one in charge the oil would not be wasted.

Joshua Hall, Age 17

Since May 27, 2010 the United States is dealing with a major environmental disaster that affects the Golf states, the whole country and the world. If I were to take on the role as CEO of BP, I would do exactly what they’re doing now. I believe that they are doing all they can to extract all of the oil out of the Golf Coast as best as they know how. Seeing as how this is the most disastrous oil spill we’ve ever seen, the old techniques just won’t work on a spill this big. So, as expected, it will take a bit longer to rid the Golf Coast of all the oil. Additionally I would create a ship that can guarantee that an oil spill can’t happen. But because I want to re-boost the confidence and assurance of my customers and business partners I will also present a backup plan that shows what my company would do in case it happens again. This backup plan would include a rescue team (for the animals) , and funds set aside for if it were to happen again
If I was dealing with this situation I would first gather up the public and ask get many volunteers to help to fix the problem. If that does not work them I would go to the problem myself and see what it is and inform the President about the issue and see what he can do about.

Vandesha Walker, Age 15

Jenee Lawson, Age 16
If I was the CEO of BP I would try my best to eradicate the problem. I would ask the president for help and form an organization in which people can volunteer to help. Also I would make a speech informing the country about the situation and I would let them know that this is a huge crisis but everything will be okay.

Jordan Ratley, Age 14
If I were CEO of British Petroleum I would do my best to not let this happen again. The environment is where we all get oxygen from trees and clean lakes for possible drinking water . The entire country of America needs to take more responsibility and more action towards saving the environment. Starting with the nation of Britain we will recycle more than 95% of our plastics and metal uses. We will start to clean  polluted areas that are common and any other major problems that need to be attended to.

Donovan Rogers, Age 15
Dear JFC Followers,

 If you didn’t know, since May 27, 2010 the United States has been dealing with a major environmental disaster that affects the Gulf states, the whole country and the world! Many of you are thinking of tornadoes, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions, but those are natural disasters. Environmental disasters are chaotic happenings that are caused by us. Go ahead and look confused but 90% of pollution is caused by us. The use of cars, cigarettes and aerosol sprays are among the many things we practice that cause environmental disasters. Global warming is the biggest conclusion of our pollution and some think can cause the end of the world. This is where the whole 2012 idea comes from because some believe Global warming is speeding up because only some of us have gone GREEN. Going green is a scientific observation of how we could slow down the rate of global warming by using other resources like hydro electricity. Instead of the burning of fossil fuels, releasing the harmful gases into the air that affect the ozone layer, some buses now use hydro electricity as another resource to get the everyday jobs done. If I was the CEO of BP (British Petroleum), I would make going green a priority for Earth. However, most substitute resources cost a lot to fund. We all need to do our share to make our world survive. I don’t believe in the 2012 theory, but you’ll never know when the Earth just had too much of our messing around and reacts in a deadly force! 

 With Truth,

Donovan Rogers

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