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The president’s leading soldier in Afghanistan recently said very disparaging remarks against him in the July issue of “Rolling Stones” magazine calling into question his ability to lead our country through the war.  What do you think our president should do about this?  Can he trust his top commander again or should he be replaced?

Albert Brunn, Age 14
I believe that President Obama should replace his commanding officer.  What will happen if our president gives an order and his commanding officer does the exact opposite?  If I were the president and having second thoughts about trusting my commanding officer, he or she would loose their position.  If a member of my American Army has the guts to talk badly about my actions as the President of the U.S.A. to the media when that soldier must be trusted to act on my behalf, he’s automatically dropped.  How would I know if he/she was just making a point or if he/she was willing to disregard an order because of how his/her opinions?

Latoya Massie, Age 16

After a while I felt like the troops were fighting for nothing and wasting tax payers money just to fight in a war and no the President shouldn’t be replaced because he didn’t put them to go to war Bush did so Obama took them back to there homes and to live there lives peacefully with there families that mourn and miss them.

Joshua Hall, Age 16

The president’s leading soldier in Afghanistan recently said very disparaging remarks against him in the July issue of “Rolling Stones” magazine. But it didn’t call into question his ability to lead our country through the war. Our president should ignore those remarks. I believe that he can still trust his top commander because the commander didn’t do anything to provoke any distrust. He should only be replaced for not successfully completing his duties as the top commander. Not everyone agrees with President Obama, but all should be forgiven when you do your job correctly. No one should get fired for saying how they feel

Dasia Carr, Age 14
The president should definitely talk to the commander first because words are taken out of context at times when journalists need a something to report about. But if the commander is best for the job he shouldn’t be replaced for having an opinion which is a right he has as a citizen.

Vandesha Walker, Age 15
 I think that the President should have a long talk with the soldier explaining why what he did was wrong and replace him . I don’t think that he could be trusted again because if he did it this time I am sure he would do it again. No one is really your friend because as soon as you get to know them they turn around and do you wrong for their own reasons.       


Jenee Lawson, Age 16
Honestly I believe that a lot of people have doubted our president, Obama. For his top commander to say something like that in a popular magazine is unacceptable. Everyone wants to see change but people don’t seem to realize that this recession we are in is not easy. The government doesn’t have as much money as before. President Obama should be able to trust his top commander, but the person he choose seems to dislike him in a way and is trying to give Obama a bad reputation. Especially since we still live in a time where racism is still going on. Obama should trust his top commander but also “watch and observe” him carefully.

Donovan Rogers, Age 15
Dear JFC Followers,

 If you didn’t know, the man left in charge of our soldiers is nothing but a snake. People like him should not be trusted. He complains about what is happening in the war when he signed his life to it. He demeans the President by saying “he keeps his eye on the real enemy; wimps in The White House.” That’s like putting a big red target on your forehead.

The President should take these comments very seriously! The General should have never said those things, especially for anyone to hear. Barack Obama is the President for God’s sake, it seems these days people think they can just say whatever, and then retract it. I’m 15 years old and I know the General’s comments are unacceptable.

 This is a great opportunity for President Barack Obama to fire General Stanley McChrystal. End of story! The President receives enough criticism from the people on the right as well as the left. His approval ratings are dropping and have been for a long time. Stand up Mr. President and fire the General and seek a better replacement. The General is so replaceable!

Jasmine Figueroa, Age 16

The president needs to hire new leading soldiers and more responsible one. I also think he should replace his top commander because if he didn’t do right the first time then the next time is not going to be any better. The president should choose his leading soldiers and his top commander wisely because it is very important to know what type of people they are.

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