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If you had 15 minutes to talk to President Obama about a social problem facing our country or the world, what would you chat to him about and why?

Albert Brunn, Age 14
If I had 15 minutes with Barrack Obama I would talk to him about how to improve the economy and how to maintain the improvements.  I would tell him to put in place a law that doesn’t allow people to withdraw money from banks unless they have it in their bank account.  If they don’t have money in their bank account the bank should do a background check on their income to determine if the person can repay a loan.  Then, if the loan is approved it can be repaid little by little.  The bank and the borrower should come to an agreement to take a certain amount of money from the person’s paycheck regularly.  This way no one will ever go in debt uncontrollably.

Zuliana Burnett, Age 15
If I had 15 minutes to speak to Barack Obama I would talk about the oil spill and see if there was any other solution that we could clean up the mess in the water in a faster way


Latoya Massie, Age 16

If I had 15 minutes to talk to President Obama I will address him on the issues of Health Care and Education. This is because the state isn’t trying much to help those who are loosing out on medical benefits and having to pay for hospitalization and prescriptions and co-pays for the doctor and a lot of people can’t afford it like the seniors and people on social security benefits. I will let him know that education and the metro cards causes drop outs as well as bulling and dangerous surroundings for schools to be placed. 

Benjamin Goode, Age 14

If I had 15 minutes to talk to the president I would tell him that he should like 1,000 dollars to people with low or no income. I say this so that these people would be able to spend this money on themselves or their kids if they have any so they can eat proper, live proper, feel proper, dress proper and so they would feel better than they would feel if they didn’t have that money.


Dasia Carr, Age 14
If I had 15 minutes to talk to President Obama about a social problem it would be about terrorism in America and in other countries. Terrorist attacks have been more common lately, in America in particular, and it is shown that in some of the attempts security systems aren’t what we thought they were. I’d ask Obama what different security measures is he taking to make sure that a terrorist attempt isn’t successful in our country and that terrorists won’t be able to get illegal weapons and other items used in their attacks into the country.


Vandesha Walker, Age 15
If I had 15 minutes to talk to President Obama I would talk to him about the devastating effects of off shore drilling. Then I would talk to him about the beauty of Louisiana and the baby alligator that I held in my hand and about the endangered wild life that can be completely eradicated. All the Louisiana sunsets and the beauty of the wild life can all be gone because of off shore drilling. I would ask him to be a global leader as he is and set a trend across the world with other global leaders to have more of a clean energy economy. Louisiana has suffered enough from hurricane Katrina and now with the oil spill this clean up would last longer and take up a lot of time. I am sure Obama knows about this problem but I just want him to know how concerned the average American is about it. 

Jenee  Lawson, Age 16
 If I had 15 minutes to speak with president Obama, I would talk about unemployment. After the recession hit many people lost their jobs and are struggling to take care of their families. I would ask him what are his plans for this social problem and does he feel that he can get us out of this recession. I would also ask him how does it feel to be the first black president. Hopefully Michelle Obama would be there to, so I can tell her how much I respect her and that she is a strong woman. I love president Barack Obama and his family.

 Sadara Lewis, Age 15
The word of advice I will give the new J4C kids is to pay attention to all the new experiences and don’t be afraid to speak up for the cause .
I wish that I took the information more seriously because its good to know different things about a place before you visit it , so if people ask questions you will know the right answer to the question they’ve asked.

Sayris Pallares, Age 15
If I had 15 min’s to talk to the President Obama about a social problem I would talk to him about the economy. Why don’t everyone have jobs? Why are a lot of citizens loosing their jobs ? All of this is affecting their families. Many are put into shelters etc. A lot of the citizens have children they need to work to support them selves and their families. How could they do that without a job. Something needs to be done to alleviate all these economic problems that are happening.         

Donovan Rogers, Age 15
Dear JFC Followers,

 If I were given 15 minutes to discuss with President Barack Obama a social conflict affecting the United States, I would talk about the current educational needs of our country. At one point, the United States of America was superior when it came down to education, but now we don’t even make the list of the top 10 smartest countries. The 10 smartest countries are:

1. China
2. Japan
3. S. Korea, India
4. Taiwan
5. Iran
6. Singapore
7. Britain
8. Germany
9. Australia
10. Russia

South Korea currently has the highest IQ according to OCED (The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). Hong Kong technically holds the record, but is not it’s own country. If combined with Mainland China’s IQ rating, it comes up much lower than South Korea’s. If you look at all of those countries, none of them are having social issues as bad as the U.S.! I think education plays a big role in that. I would say, “President Obama, Education is the key to mankind’s evolution. Even Mrs. Obama agrees!” So, why settle for an unstable economy when like South Korea, we too can become more than we really are!

 Yours truly,

Donovan Rogers

Imaan   Williams, Age 13
I would talk to the president about the prices with mortgage rates because there are a lot of people there that are losing their homes for very unfair reasons. It is a very sad thing.

Sydney Smart, Age 14

Well, I don’t think I would have much to say to President Obama. But I would start off with talking to him and his cabinet. He works with the executive branch, there’s a huge team of “important” people I guess, so why not talk to them. Hmmmm I would start off with New Orleans and the reconstruction of  the residential areas and getting people financially stable. When we visited, we didn’t know how terrible the area actually was after about 3 -4 years. It was devastating to see such a beautiful town get so hurt. The public wishes some one would just stay down here and get the work done. So I think that’s what my 15 minutes will mainly be about.

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